How You Can Help

As a Church

We are always looking for ways to expand the involvement of non-member churches and to increase the cooperative efforts among churches. 


Our member churches have found our ministry to be a cost-effective way to address some of the social ills experienced by their members and the community at large.  We are unique from other social agencies outside the community in that we strive in all our efforts to bring people to Christ. 


In our effort  to maximize our effectiveness we are suggesting/requesting the following effort and actions:

  1. If your church does not currently have a similar program of  food  basket distribution drive at Thanksgiving, we ask that you allow us to meet with us to discuss your possible support of our community wide basket distributing program. If your church does have a thanksgiving basket program that we share our compare lists to eliminate duplication.
  2. If your church does not already provide one or more of Christ Community's services, we ask that you refer people in need to us.  Our services are for residents of this community, not limited to members of our member churches.
  3. We also ask that you collect food for the pantry and contribute money to support our programs and encourage your members to volunteer at Christ's Community. 


As an Individual

The next time you need your lawn cut, leaves raked, snow shoveled or other similar work, call on the young men and women of the Clean Cut Initiative to help you.  Phone 513-541-0303.


If you'd like to help distribute baskets of food at Thanksgiving, let us know.


If you'd like to help out in any way, do let us know at 513-541-0303.

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